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Our Own-Path Creed

1. I will honor my heritage, demonstrate dignity and direct my future. ​​

​     1a.​​ Dress, speak and show it through positive images. Stop using derogatory terms such as N..and more to describe our men, women, family or self.

2. I will nurture my spirit, and recognize the majesty of the glory of a higher power.

     2a. Attend a house of worship, or connection source, read inspirational literature by African American people, study the true nature of faith  and more to communicate with the Higher Power.

3. I will participate in Cooperative Economics.

     3a. Spend more and more of my income with those that represent and uphold the interests of the African American Community, starting with 10%.  Support the Black Economic Day of empowerment and recognition, June 19th 2016.

4. I will nourish my mind by exercising the #1 deprived skill by a dominate people READ.

     4a. Read to your own and to other’s children, to those who visually can’t anymore, 30 minutes as day and more.

5. I will identify an elder in my community that has little, or no family and bond with them to gain the right perspective.

     5a. Help run errands, cook a meal, share family life, honor them, learn the recent history to move from just surviving to thriving.

6. I will take part in a local, state, and national election and political agenda. 

     6a. VOTE, EDUCATE, VOTE, take someone with you to vote.

7. I will support a single parent to be stronger, and  more supportive.

     7a. BLACK FAMILES MATTER, All types, all combinations

8. I will support those that look like me, insist on representation in all settings, insisting our public dollars to be spent with our communities.

     8a. If we are not at the table, we are on the menu.

9. I will greet and treat others that represent my race with respect and hold them accountable for our futures.

     9a. Know the needs of the community and give voice to the voiceless.

10. I will cherish and protect my health in all areas.

     10a. Get a check up regularly, get a stress test regularly, share your feelings and thoughts with a friend, regularly.


Alpha Step Training for Human Development, Gene Webster-English, All Rights Reserved, 2014


The Federation of Families, Healthy Minds Hillsborough, dba Federation of Families For Children's Mental Health, Hillsborough County Inc. is Tampa Bay's  premier family support organization advocating for mental health equity and parity.  Since, 2001 the organization has been instrumental in advocating for mental health policy throughout the State of Florida.

Meet the Board

Our Board of Directors is comprised of community and national leaders with expertise in a wide range of areas, including training, advocacy, education, finance, mental health, and self empowerment.


Gene Webster-English

Executive Director



Tel. 813-220-9258

5118 N. 56th Street STE 224

Tampa, FL 33610



Monday - Friday: 11:00 - 18:30

Saturday: 11:00 - 17:00

Sunday: CLOSED




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