Our Mission

To operate programs that educate the public on mental health/emotional wellness to fight stigma, Empower families, Youth and Consumers to make choices on best practices, to engage families to be equal partners in the service ad deliver a system for health/behavioral healthcare systems.


Not Just Fallowing Paths, Making New Roads

Our Guiding Principles

Advocate for policies  funding and services that address the unique needs of children and youth, leading to the full inclusion of citizenship for consumers and families that experience emotional, mental, behavioral health needs.

Provide Leadership in the field of children's mental health by taking initiative. Partnering, along with collaborating in ways to improve and transform systems of care that are responsive to Families, Youth and Consumers.

Address the unique needs of children and youth with mental health needs from birth though the transitional period to adulthood.

Support Families, Youth and consumers emotionally and often tangibly to overcome initial crisis's and offer hope for long term

Train and Develop Families, Youth and Consumers to be equal partners in the planning and oversite and to be involved in the decision making and provisioning of services based on the children's mental health needs and thier families

Educate and inform Policy Makers, Funding Sources and Service Providers on cultural inclusive practices, contemporary healthcare needs and innovative approaches to providing improved SOC integration and coordination.

Evaluate and ensure satisfaction is met and is remainging consistant from the perspective of those the services where designed for Families, Children and Youth!

 Investing In Healthy Minds       

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